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Brand: Flash Tattoos
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 ⋘⋘ △ Innovative jewelry inspired temporary tattoos for serious (and not so serious) fashionistas. Flash Tattoos are perfect for the beach, the pool, parties, festivals, concerts... anywhere you and your skin might be seen having fun. 
Just apply, glimmer and go
! △ ⋙⋙


  • Fun. Festive. Wild. Get Flashy.
  • Lots of jewelry. Lots of possibilities: 4 sheets.
  • Flash Tattoos are non-toxic and safe for anyone to wear. 
  • All Flash Tattoos pass safety standards for the cosmetic and toy product industries and meet all U.S. and international regulatory requirements. 
  • You will be amazed by how quick and easy it is to apply your Flash Tattoo with the help of a little water. 
  • For best application, ask a friend to help position your Flash Tattoo so your skin does not twist or stretch. 
  • You want to make sure your skin is clean, dry and free of any oils or the tattoo will not adhere. 
  • Cut out the tattoo as close to the edge as possible (this is important later when you need to line it up) and remove the clear sheet. 
  • Place the tattoo face down on your skin and hold a wet cloth against it for about 30 seconds. 
  • Peel the paper aside then pat gently with the wet cloth. Tada! Be sure not to twist or stretch skin until the tattoo has had time to set (at least 10 minutes). 
  • Flash Tattoos look best after they have had an hour or two to set into the skin.
  • Flash tattoo causes tan lines, we think they look pretty cool - Flash Tans!
  • To remove your Flash Tattoo simply soak your skin in baby oil, olive oil or coconut oil for one minute then gently scrub off, repeat as necessary. 
  • Apply lotion to moisturize and soothe the skin area.
  • Do not apply to sensitive skin, near eyes, or if you are allergic to adhesives.

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