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▲ It started with a girl, the Lovestrength girl-she walked into the room natural and effortless. A girl with a magical presence and free spirit. A lover of music festivals, long days at the beach, road trips and a desire to seek out all that she so desires in the world. In a small California coastal town along Pacific Coast Highway, a dream was started out of love, and thus, Lovestrength.

▲ A brand based on a bohemian soul meeting a sophisticated, stylish, strong woman with a collection of high quality, finely crafted leather belts.

▲ Since its launch in 2010, Lovestrength has found its way into the hearts of many, as it embodies not just a signature look, but a way of life.

⋘⋘ △ Lovestrength creates vintage-inspired belts and accessories that embody the free spirit in us all. LoveStrength is about loving who you are, then sharing that love with others. △ ⋙⋙

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