I hope you had a very fantastic Christmas time & New Years Eve?! 

Despite the Covid-19 lock down, here in Amsterdam, I still have enjoyed these days. Smaller than usual and unfortunately not with all my family or many friends.

But we dressed up and decorated our house nicely, we made the best of it to get that Christmas feeling!

The dinners where amazing! The Christmas & Sushi boxes from our favorite restaurant Karaat where delicious.

We played a lot of games (30 seconds-hilarious) and watched good movies. A nice long sleep was also a favorite by my men.

Well rested and ready for the upcoming year! Hope it will be special but normal like we used to have!! 


How have you experienced these days in this uncertain & sad times?




Now I am looking forward to the coming year with full courage & a positive attitude.

Esspecially to the new collections that are coming and to make you happy with your orders again.


Wish you all good health with much love and hope to see you online again soon!!


Till next time!! 

 ⋘⋘  ✌︎ ♡△ ⋙⋙

Xo Xo 



Thnx to the sweeties:  Ingeborg & Alexa photography♡♡