⋘⋘ △ Winter Session Nr 4 △ ⋙⋙ 


This is what you get when we hook up!

Hahaha lot’s of fun, as always with my girlies: Ingeborg & Alexa photography♡ 

We wanted to show you that, also now, in this cold weather you can wear the ‘Star Crossed Lovers’ collection by Spell and the Gypsy Collective.

Ingeborg is wearing the dreamy Love Story Short Sleeve Blouse print-on-print with Spell’s stunning Love Story Boho Skirt and added the Piper Fringe Waist Belt

She threw over the Ema Striped Puffy Oversized for a warm and grungy twist. 

I’m wearing the warm and soft Willow Striped Boat Puffy Sweater with a Rolla’s High Waist Jeans and sneakers.

Under this comfy sweater I’m wearing the Love Story babydoll Mini Dress as a tunic, for an easy going look.

This Willow Striped Boat Puffy Sweater is also super awesome with the above look of Ingeborg. 

Colours are matching amazing!!!! 

What do you think? 

Till next time!! 

 ⋘⋘  ✌︎ ♡△ ⋙⋙

Xo Xo