⋘⋘ △ R A C E R S & R O L L E R S △ ⋙⋙ 

Inspired by a more innocent era of retro roller derbies and meet-ups at the local diner, the Racers & Rollers collection by SPELL gazes fondly through a lens of nostalgia, back to a time of ice cream trucks and no pretense.

Vibrant florals and candy stripes share centre stage with optimistic colors and cameos of terry toweling and white lace. It’s short shorts and full hemlines.

It’s Farrah Fawcett meets Sandra Dee, riding a Ferris Wheel, dancing beneath a rainbow of luminescent lights. It’s a kaleidoscope of old school innocence designed to entice your most playful, vintage loving, carefree self.

The timing of this collection’s release could not be more bittersweet with the passing of Olivia Newton-John. This isn’t the first time one of her films has woven through our collection (think, Xanadu… another Rollerskate filled fave!) This collection’s name and namesake tee (Racers & Rollers) was specifically inspired by Grease, and the muses of the collection moodboard included the innocence of Sandra-Dee and the irreverence and cheekiness of Rizzo.

The collection has the most feminine palette - posh, posy pinks, dusty lemons, denimy florals mixed in with some retro-inspired boldness. It is just fun, sentimental and joyful.

The campaign was shot against a quirky, barbie-esque house in the Hollywood hills. We wanted that retro feel to translate into a movie-style dream (shot with flashes, even in the light of day) and it came to life on Frida Aasen, a muse we’ve had on our list for years to work with now, and she couldn’t be more perfect for our romantic story.

100% of this collection proudly contains preferred fibres from our portfolio, with the Let The Sunshine In crochet story transitioning to organic cotton and the epic terry towelling styles also made from organic cotton.