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yvette 0 173
⋘⋘ △ FOLK SONG is stepping into that 1970’s photo album.The kind of photos printed on thick cards, expired polaroids of a good old family style road trip….Flipping over each page makes you want to jump into that time and never return.△ ⋙⋙ SIGNATURE SPELL PRINT:A nod to SPELL community fav..
yvette 0 202
 ⋘⋘ △ For the moment when the sun starts to set and the ever changing colours of the sky and landscape,till the final golden line dips below the horizon ~ this is SUNDOWN. △ ⋙⋙ I’m so excited to present you the first collection of 2021.90s inspired ditsy florals in sunset ..
05 Jan Winter Session Nr 5.
yvette 0 191
✰ ✰  A VERY SPECIAL BUT NORMAL 2021 ✰ ✰ I hope you had a very fantastic Christmas time & New Years Eve?! Despite the Covid-19 lock down, here in Amsterdam, I still have enjoyed these days. Smaller than usual and unfortunately not with all my family or many friends.But we dressed up and decor..
19 Dec Winter Session Nr 4.
yvette 0 156
⋘⋘ △ Winter Session Nr 4 △ ⋙⋙  This is what you get when we hook up!Hahaha lot’s of fun, as always with my girlies: Ingeborg & Alexa photography. ♡♡ We wanted to show you that, also now, in this cold weather you can wear the ‘Star Crossed Lovers’ collection by Spell and the Gypsy Collecti..
24 Nov Winter Session Nr 3.
yvette 0 233
⋘⋘ △ Winter Session Nr 3 △ ⋙⋙  Here’s my latest blog ‘How to style Spell and the Gypsy Collective in Fall/Winter time.’So greatful that my lovely Ingeborg wanted to help me and introduced me to the photographer.I’m in l♡VE with her work, check it out: Alexa photography.Thought we were just..
19 Nov STAR CROSSED LOVERS by Spell and the Gypsy Collective
yvette 0 203
This collection by Spell and the Gypsy Collective, is so close to Spell’s heart and was crafted in the midst of chaos,when things were unclear, uncertain and unassuming.A small, conscious capsule from Spell’s corner of paradise to share with their community scattered around the globe…  ♥︎⁣..
06 Nov Winter Session Nr 2.
yvette 0 246
⋘⋘ △ Winter Session Nr 2 △ ⋙⋙Ingeborg is looking stunning in Spell’s Mystic Maxi Skirt and for a grungy twist she added the Call Me The Breeze Muscle Tank by Bandit Brand.Complete it with the warm & cosy Ema Striped Puffy Oversized Cardigan.For the bohemian's at heart who don't want to mi..
03 Nov Winter Session Nr 1
yvette 1 308
⋘⋘ △ Winter Session Nr 1 △ ⋙⋙  I received so many questions how to style Spell and the Gypsy Collective in winter time.So it was time to hook up with my sweet & stunning friend Ingeborg and show you some of our favorite winter combinations.Just Mix & Match with our favo Brands!! Ingeborg..
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