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About Us

 After working a long time in the fashion world for all kinds of beautiful brands (international & national) my twin sister Cheryl and I hooked up in 2012.

Our creative minds came together in an online boutique. 

 We wanted to offer unique, exclusive boho treasures from around the globe. Items that were not for sale in every store. 

 So we came up with an awesome plan: to bring the unique Junkie Boots from the FEATHER  JUNKIE, that were not for sale anywhere, to the Netherlands.

Designer Ashley Featherstone, from Texas, found vintage western boots and turned them into a beautiful piece of art.

She used gorgeous vintage belts, fantastic colourful fabrics, real rooster feathers or studs to make these Junkie Boots even more special. 

No 2 were alike. Each one was made with love for you special "treasure hunters”.


We’ve roamed the world and teamed up with kindred spirits to put together a unique ‘Bohemian Rock’ collection for you.

Our story began, in April 2013 we went online.

From vintage boots to vintage western belts, vintage Harley Davidson or Rockband tees that we cut of low to create great tanks.

Awesome Pandeia Watches, Jewellery from Bali to La and cute bags.

We've handpicked extra ordinary items that will help you create your own style & will put a smile on your face. :-) 

We are very happy & proud that we came in touch with our favo Aussi brand SPELL, that we are selling, exclusive for the Benelux, since 2013. 

Their vision is to inspire, beautifully – in harmony with people and planet.

You SPELL sisters all know our favo SPELL bells, SPELL intimates and all the amazing Bohemian Dresses and not to forget their signature exclusive prints.

All exclusive designed and hand drawn by SPELL. 

Here online we create that ‘vacay feeling’ with treasures like our SPELL SWIM collection, Boho Robes and Gypsy Dresses.

You will feel like a bohemian goddess!! 

For any festival you are her on the right spot! We will complete your outfit with a 70’s touch!

A high waist Rollas Jeans, a Rocker Tee or Tank, or a SPELL TopTasselled Robeplenty of Belt choice and of course a Fedora Felt Hat. 

No matter what kind of Festival, if it’s Coachella or a Rock Festival with great Rock Bands here you will certainly succeed.

To add a touch of main stage mystery to your festival fun wear a SPELL Dress belted with statement boots.

Pair with our fringe Leather Jacket and the Sidney Fedora Felt hat so you have a cool Cowgirl twist.

Since 2019 my twinny Cheryl, left this company and expanded her great Cherry Social company.

You have to check her amazing socials. In busy times luckily you will still see & hear her.

For me Yvette, the personal touch is very important.

I really hope that I give you that feeling you will always get an answer and I will always do my best for you!  

This journey to create a ‘Bohemian Rock’ collection will continue and my search for amazing Treasures will never end.

   Happy Shopping & hopefully you will find the treasure you were looking for! 


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